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This site is dedicated to someone I knew a long time ago, things did not turn out as we had hoped for and she is gone but my love is always with her. Who knows what happen maybe it was her past abuse or so many other things, perhaps it was me. She will always be in my heart now and forever. Abuse and drugs can take ones soul. Please find help for yourself and end the cycle.

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Why Ask  Now ? 

I Wonder why this happened to me...  Was I not where I was supposed to be 
Was I here, where I call Home .....  Where I can be free and call it my own .. 
Was it the fist of love I call ..  Can it be anything but Love at all... Was I misbehaving or just Living....And punnishment was an alcohol bottle and a lick I was given......Did I deserve or ask for this... Was this a mistake of my lovers fist ...Or was this Love in his way of showing ... How can I go on if never knowing .... I know he loves me, I can see it... Even though he hits me I still believe it....  I shouldn't have provoked him, He's had a rough day, I'll just make him dinner, and tell him everythings ok..  I should have done better and become a perfect wife, but it really doesn't matter now.... 
He's taken my Life...... 

Unknown Author

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